Bible Verse of the Day App Reviews

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Does not work consistently.


Great product! Thank You!

Nice app

I thought this was a pretty great app. Lets you learn phase in the bible when you dont have time to read daily, but it doesnt update fast enough and it is repeating verses.

Ok app but does it work?

I was excited to see this app in the store so I downloaded it, but it didnt work. It does not load a new verse each day. I wish it worked. I would save a dollar until they fix it!

Doesnt work to well...

I was very excited to download this! However, Ive had it for about a week and only have seen 2 verses. It doesnt give a new one every day and when it does it takes awhile to show up.

Verse of the week.....

Verses are nice but its misleading when it says of the day cause it really only loads like ever 3 days... Not cool man..

Great idea, had a lot of freezing issues

I was so excited at the prospect of getting a bible verse everyday. But, this application constantly froze up my iPhone and would fail to launch. It took several attempts to delete this app from my phone. Looking forward to another app like this one that might come without the glitches!

Does not work.

You get a new verse only two or three times a week.

Wished it worked

I downloaded this app several times and the only message I ever received was "Unable to display a verse at this time. Please check back later" This was a great idea, but I wished it would work. Ill try again later!

Bible Verse of the Day

I purchased this 3 days ago, and have not been able to read one verse on my new iPod Touch. It always says it is loading and then times out. The support link and web link through iTunes lead to nowhere, so I cant get any support. I havent had problems with other downloads, so I dont think this is something I am doing wrong.

.99 of not working

The lords word should be free. If u want to charge please let it work. Great idea. Horribe app and developer!!!! Please fix this or make it free!!!


A great app!!! Probably the best app around honestly. Great for those on the go and still wanting to get your "daily bread"..

Great memory verse ok the go

Its great to open my iPhone and read something that is positive and encouraging.


I love this app Its a very good app to use in the morning or any other time

Navigation poor

Can view previous days verses but after traveling backwards in time, there is no way to reverse course or get back to todays verse. Have to close app and reopen to see todays verse.

I love this app

I think this app is so great so that you can read it and find out what god wants you to do on a normal bases. I think that kids should have these apps so they can read them before they go to school and if you having a bad day you can read this and feel much better

Does not work

This app was great I used it every day but today it crashed. I reloaded it and it still crashes. I tried it on my other iPad and iPhone and the same result. I would love for the developer to have a contact me site. Sim hope he reads this review to get the app going again! Thanks for the great app!

Was the best I had in my iPhone

This was the best appI had in my iPhone but it still not not working since a couple of days... It crashes before opening.

I love this app!!!

Mine keeps crashing please help???

App crashing??

Im having the same exact problem as Farrhome! It always works with no problems, but today and I believe yesterday it wont open, it keep closing as soon as you push it. And the app support isnt where it says it click the link and it has nothing to do with you. Can you guys fix this? This is my favorite bible verse app!

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